Aluminum, is a chemical element with the chemical symbol is Al. the amount of aluminum in the earth's crust is only outdone only oxygen and silicon. It is ranked third. From this point, it can be concluded that Gloss Red High Gloss Color signboard maker

 is one of the richest metallic element in the earth's crust. Among the many types of metals, except for steel, the largest aluminum. In the late 19th century, aluminum has finally made a very large number of metal and become competitive in the application of technology.


Why aluminum became popular in many industries, such as aviation, construction and automobiles? There is no doubt that it has a direct relationship with the special properties of aluminum. In a large extent, the function of the material depends on its nature. Because Gloss Red High Gloss Color signboard maker

 is characteristic of so many excellent properties, its application is quite wide.

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What can not be included aluminum? In the following paragraphs some key features will be introduced in detail. What comes first is its density is every small. It is only about 2.7 g / cm. Although aluminum is a relatively soft metal, it can be made into all kinds of aluminum alloy. These alloys can be widely used in aircraft, automobiles, trains and boats. Moreover, a large number of aluminum and aluminum alloys are also commonly applied in cosmetics rockets, shuttles and satellites. For example, an aircraft of about 70 percent aluminum and alloys. The second property is on its conductivity. Electrical conductivity is only inferior to silver and bronze. Although Gloss Red High Gloss Color signboard maker is approximately 2/3 of the resulting contract, its density is only 1/3 of the contract.


Therefore, if the electric transport is the same, the length of the aluminum wire is about half of the copper wire. In industrial applications, the cost can be reduced if people use aluminum wire. Third, Gloss Red High Gloss Color signboard maker

 is a good conductor. Its thermal conductivity is about four times the thermal conductivity of iron. Due to this property, aluminum is often used to produce all kinds of heat transfer, heat dissipation materials and cookware. Ductility of aluminum is also a good asset. Below 100 ° C ~ 150 ° C, aluminum can be made into the thin aluminum foil. The leaves are often used to package cigarettes or candy. Moreover, due to the resistance of its low temperature, Gloss Red High Gloss Color signboard maker is the ideal material for cryogenic equipment, such as cold storage, freezer, automobile drivers in the extreme.