Most cosmetics and sunscreens and creams containing aloe. It usually thrives in tropical climates and rarely survive in colder climates. It is now grown as an indoor plant because many people have recognized the unique properties of this particular plant. With excellent quality, aloe is properly called a blessing to humanity.



The excellence of aloe is unfathomable. With over one hundred different uses and medicinal value, this little magic relatives plants are grown in the tropics. Today most households to plant trees for domestic use.


The drugs of Aloe Vera plants


Rich in medicinal value, this plant has numerous powers to cure and prevent many diseases. Aloe vera plant contains 95 percent of water and gel can be obtained inside the leaf. Is used for both internal and external disease, this plant is par excellence in many ways. Among many medicinal benefits include:


Complementary cut and burns: Aloe is an effective treatment for first degree burns. Apply gel accelerates the recovery process. It also helps heal cuts and abrasions.

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Lower Cholesterol: consumption of water sourced from plants helps reduce the amount of cholesterol and fats in the blood.


Cure piles: Internal consumption of fruit juices help cure piles and other gastrointestinal disorders. It helps to treat irritable bowel

Syndrome (IBS) and prevent constipation. It is also effective in colon cleansing.


Soothe irritation: Abundant in antiseptic properties and antibiotics, aloe, is used in many skin creams and ointments because it gives a soothing relief to the skin. It also helps to treat psoriasis and eczema.


Strengthening the immune system: internal consumption enhances the body's immune system. It is also available in the form of the drug in these days.


Improve skin and remove blemishes: aloe vera plant has the power to remove the skin and improve skin tone. It purifies the skin and remove dirt and black heads. Most beauty products contain aloe vera gel include creams, soaps and oils. It also improves the texture of the hair giving it a shiny appearance, a good bounce.


Strengthening of skin tissue: external application helps strengthen the skin and prevent sun burn. It gives a feeling of softness to the skin supple and helps look younger.


Nutritional supplements: juices are derived from plants act as a nutritional supplement. It gives a new energy to the body with its detoxifying effect.


Used as a deodorant: unlike conventional deodorants, it does not prevent the pores but keep body odor at bay.


What makes this plant So Special


Aloe is nothing short of a miracle that it has innumerable medicinal values. Belongs to the lily, this plant appears similar to a cactus because it has thick leaves. Gel derived from the leaves of the plant is a rich source of minerals, enzymesHealth Fitness Articles, vitamins and amino acids.