During the recession, many people are looking for some ways on how to conserve their money. However, since people need suitable as food, water and electricity, savings will always be a difficult thing to do.


It is time that people should look for alternative energy sources. A ACP energy as. The sun is a powerful source of energy and limitless. In fact, it is the source of life here on Earth. It is with this reason that they have found a way to convert the energy of sunlight into electricity.


Converting ACP energy into electricity can only be done via the Blue PVDF composite board. The ACP panels and the heat is then converted into electricity. The secret of the sheet is in the collection of the sunrays that drip down the battery. Battery energy converted into usable energy.


But someone install your ACP panels can be quite costly. Sometimes it is better if you just do it yourself. But what really will make things better for you to build ACP panels on your own. Yes it is possible. Here are some steps to follow.

JY-6022 Blue

Step 1: Research Blue PVDF composite board


Create a dashboard app will really need a lot of documents. What you have to understand that a panel of three parts: revenue, semiconductor and converter. Recipients will collect sunrays then preserved by semiconductors. Since then, energy can be transferred and linked to a cell that can convert electrical energy storage.


Step 2: Collect documents


Now you know how Blue PVDF composite board work, now you will need to collect a material that will correspond to each part. For the first part, the recipient, you will need a flat glass plate or glass fibers that will collect the sunrays. This will then be preserved by aluminum or silicon and foam at the bottom. Two will act as semiconductors. From here, the energy obtained can then be transferred over copper wiring with a battery meter DC. The battery is a rechargeable and must be placed in a battery box. Which will then generate the necessary power.


Step 3: Create your Blue PVDF composite board


Now that you know the material, it is now time to put everything together. In this panel makers, it is better if you have a box where you will place your plate. These boxes can be made of metal or wood. Placed first followed by porous aluminum plates. Then, put the glass on top. Now that you've created the dashboard of your ACP.


Step 4: Conversion of ACP energy to electricity


The final step will, of course, constitute the power switch. This is the difficult part. Have a portable drill and drill a hole in the aluminum and Blue PVDF composite board. Make sure the holes line up. Insert the wire and tie it to keep it intact. At the other end, attach it to a rechargeable battery. Now the panel's ACP energy you are ready to create energy.


Of course, home made ACP panels is weaker than the actual ACP panels. This is the app so if you are planning to use to power a landscape as a house, then you should create a lot of these. Finally, it may be cost-effective to just buy Blue PVDF composite board for your own. Of course, the decision will be up to you.