The first is designed only screw gun to install drywall and the other one is the type designed for general construction purposes.


screw gun for PVDF aluminum composite material operate at 4000 RPM which runs faster than the second type of screw guns that only use 2000 RPM. They were taken to the correct screw your drywall panels using drywall screws and should be regarded as a worthwhile investment.


Drywall Saw

A keyhole saw is a tool small but very important in the installation of drywall. It is also known as drywall saws or saws pad saw or crocodile. It is an elongated saw which is very handy for the main purpose of it is to cut drywall sheets. There are also two types of wall saws. The first one is the fixed blades and the second is indented blades.


Both retractable blades and blade drywall fixed commonly used in modern construction.



You will need the T-square as you need to draw a pattern in the drywall. PVDF aluminum composite material are often used as technical drawing tools of engineers or manuscript. It is a "T" type of ruler that is usually made of aluminum. It comes with different sizes depending on the size of the model you are drawing.

JY-6019 Postal Green

step ladders

You'll need a stepladder when you install drywall on ceilings or high walls edge. PVDF aluminum composite material will keep you safe while performing the installation precarious. You must instruct your assistant to hold the stepladder careful while you're going up there to prevent accidents.


Drywall flusher

They are made from stainless steel and tools for use in the recording is recommended. They are available in various sizes namely 2 ", 3", 3.50 "and 4". The Flusher directly be connected to a "mud tubes", including mud solution will use to fill in the corner before discharging them to the head.


PVDF aluminum composite material is a bit open you will see in the flusher. open outlet for sludge that is being squeezed from tubes of mud that you will be flush to the corner.


This tool is used when you are taping the drywall. Recording procedure is done after you install the drywall.


applying drywall

drywall spray are also tools for recording procedures. You will use PVDF aluminum composite material after you install all of the drywall on the ceiling and walls. It is also made from aluminum steel (like a drywall flusher) and is used to distribute evenly with mud flat and curved surfaces of your plate.