When it comes to cosmetic dentistry and dental restoration procedures patch is one of the tools used most frequently used by dentists to repair cracked or worn teeth. Recent has many uses and can be applied in many ways, but there are two main types of materials used in the fabrication of dental Veneers, a patient will undergo a dental procedure re-creation aware of two to make a educated decision.


Let's first define what is Wood Black Line Wooden composite board; those who want a beautiful smile without teeth often in the best conditions, a nice smile is necessary whenever a major social event pass, which can be a graduation, a wedding or any other social event, at any rate have a beautiful smile can highlight a person or it may also represent a social collapse. Dental Veneers are designed to reshape the teeth were worn out by age or defects in them as strange shape and the distance between the pieces.

JY-6052 Wood Black Line

Wood Black Line Wooden composite board,While this is a very common method to restore a beautiful smile not everyone is a good candidate for dental Veneers, this means that if a person has teeth that are in the picture good form and function, but need a little whitening and straight, the dentist will obviously introduce solutions and preferably easy to apply some type of orthodontic procedures (braces) and then use a teeth whitening method to complete the work. Dentists would never recommend using the patch for patients who have discolored teeth are in good condition this function because the process involves the application of a veneer requires the shape of permanent teeth are changing once again is not a good idea if they're in good shape.


Thin crust is applied to a tooth after an enamel was removed to provide the right setting and the basis for the new class will be given by the dentist, this new class is called veneer. The shell is made of Wood Black Line Wooden composite board or even porcelain, the two materials are more convenient to work with the dentist obviously composite materials for patch types can be manufactured inside of the mouth , porcelain Veneers other hand it was manufactured in the dental laboratory by a technician and only then they can be given by the dentist. The advantages of Porcelain Veneers is that they last longer and tend to be more durable than their counterparts, but because of disadvantages also more expensive.